About Us

Our Vision

PNP school took step of focusing on learning rather than memorization. One way to look at it is to say that it’s on a natural evolution toward getting better, hopefully with a focus on improving thinking skills and learning. Here is something that needs to be conveyed.

“The key divide between knowledge and learning is the ability to think and apply. Innovation in education than hinges on “to do new”, to encourage “thinking” among young learners”.
In PNP new paradigms of education will reflect understanding of knowledge as influx throughout a collective mind. Familiar technologies that facilitate social- networking and user-generation of content will support the education of all.
Teacher will be problem-settlers, consultant physicians and analysts. They’ll work with the mind to sculpt assessment and diagnose student learning needs, mediating learner experiences through the creation, discovery or adaptation of content. The cloud will grow, facilitating the access of any learner, anywhere to all of the highest rated content. Access to the best learning will no longer depend on socioeconomic factors.

In our view education is fundamentally a process of constant creation and re-creation. As in other spheres of creativity, space matters, whether physical space or virtual space. Space conducive to creativity and learning does not arise in a haphazard way. It requires thoughtful design and form should follow function. In our school education means to represents an opportunity for creative engagement with very best and most comprehensive digital resources, curated and tutorials supported by challenging and engaging tutor-mentors, in circumstances that places a high premium on the combination of individual and social learning.

The question that we ask to ourselves everyday keeps us on right path
• Where are we going?
• What do we want to achieve?
• What kind of people are we preparing?
• What kind of future do we want?

Our Mission

The mission of our school is to create Excellence in Education and All round Development.